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Members' Startup Secrets - EMMA RALLS

Need some money advice?  Then Emma Ralls of Emma Ralls Wealth Management Ltd is here to help.

Read on to find out what support Emma can provide as well as how networking helped her...

Firstly, Emma, tell me about your business

Emma Ralls Wealth Management Ltd is my financial advice company in Whitehaven. I help people to plan for their future, including pension provision, mortgage and protection advice, regular savings and investing for income in retirement or for children.

Who would you like to meet through networking?

New clients and to help other businesses by passing clients to them

What do you consider to be the benefits of being part of a networking group?

When I first started my business Id never been networking. It was daunting at first but its nice to be in a group of likeminded people and to gain support and ideas

What has been your driving force over the last year?

Expanding my business to offer mortgage advice

What’s been the secret to your journey so far?

Hard work, long hours and excellent customer service.

Who made the biggest impression on you when starting your business?

A friend of mine who had set up his company 12 months before me. He said I was mad not to set up on my own due to the many clients I had and the good reputation I have kept (since starting to be an adviser) for looking after people.

What one piece of advice would you pass on to those considering starting their own business?

Work hard, talk a lot, be productive, the phone won’t ring with no customers. Go find them!