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Members' Start-up Secrets - ANNE SOWERBY

The secrets continue...!  

This week we are delighted to introduce to you ANNE SOWERBY of Sassy Property Styling.  As well as being the owner of this successful Cumbrian company, Anne is also Chair of the Inspire Network.

First of all, Anne, tell me about Sassy Property Styling:

Sassy Property Styling is your local House Doctor; consultant and interior design specialist. Supporting everyone with interior design services whether you simply want a makeover of one room or refurbishment of a property.  I help you get the best return on your investment when selling your property.  I work within Cumbria, Southwest Scotland and across the North of the UK

Who would you like to get to know through networking?
I would like to make acquaintances with a mixture of like-minded people.  Expand relationships with property developers, estate agents and local trades people who might have common goals for the future.

What do you consider to be the benefits of being part of a networking group?
Sharing knowledge, building friendships and, particularly when self-employed, getting together with other great people in business.

What has been your driving force over the last year?
Increasing my business client base and working with a wide-range of organisations and businesses in the area.

What's been the secret to your journey so far?
Determination, dedication and simply loving what I do!  I use a whole range of social media to attract businesses but I love actually meeting people face-to-face and working with them.

Who made the biggest impression on you when starting your business? has to be Anne Maurice - the original House Doctor from the TV programme!

And finally...what one piece of advice would you pass on to those considering starting their own business?
You have to be in it for the long term.  There are very few businesses that are "successful" (as in, make a profit) in the first few years.  It is simply a mixture of total dedication, holding your nerve...and just going for it!