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Members' Start-up Secrets - LUCY HARRISON

Each week we are showcasing a different member of the Inspire team.

This week, our star member is LUCY HARRISON of The Harrison Network.

We asked Lucy to share some of her secrets to's what she said:

First of all, Lucy, tell me about The Harrison Network:
I help people think straight when the future is unclear. This helps people and organisations navigate change, set and achieve goals and enjoy their work. Through the Harrison Network, we help create dynamic and resourceful business leaders and truly collaborative teams. I am an accredited coach, experienced facilitator and effective trainer.

I also believe passionately that business can be a force for good and this starts at home. I therefore support local entrepreneurs, small charities and good eggs to become more effective through accessibly-priced coaching, workshops and local business networking.


Who would you like to get to know through networking?
People who see that things could be different in their organisation but are not quite sure how to get there.

What do you consider to be the benefits of being part of a networking group?
I like networking as I see how we can become each other's extended sales force.  I also like to hear people's stories and hear how people have found their ways through the various challenges they have met along the way.

What has been your driving force over the last year?
This year has been about consistent, quality delivery for me.  We have quite a few programmes ongoing with different organisations and I am focusing on ensuring these have awesome outcomes for our clients.  This has meant we have had to make some courageous decisions around how to spend our time, but that's business.

What's been the secret to your journey so far?
The secret so far?  Continuous improvement...never standing still.

Who made the biggest impression on you when starting your business?
Sally Fielding of Sally's Cottages.  I watched how hard Sally worked as we both had small children together and she was int he early days of Sally's Cottages.  This put me off starting my business for quite a while until I was completely sure.  She showed me that there are tough decisions when you run a business and have a young family.  But I saw that you can do can tread the line between family life and working life if you believe in what you are doing.

And finally...what one piece of advice would you pass on to those considering starting their own business?
Profit is the oxygen of any business; without it there is no business, so don't ignore it.  But if oxygen is the purpose of your life, you might want to look long and hard at it.


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